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    Kajsa Kinsella




    Arklow, County Wicklow Ireland

    Editor's Welcome

    Hi, I'm Kajsa
    I'm a 40-something (let's leave it at that!) Swedish mother of three who is living and working in County Wicklow since my husband, first child and I moved there in 2001. We have since had another two children, born and bred in The Garden Of Ireland.

    Having come from a very innovative and exploring home in southern Sweden, I`m often exhaustingly creative and have tried my hand at many different business ventures which, through blood, sweat, and tears, has turned me into something of a "Jack Of All Trades and Master Of Absolutely None!"

    I have a strong passion for food, writing and photography, and in 2013, as we had reared the last little one, I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey. I started writing recipe tutorials for magazines which was very interesting, but I wanted more, so I began baking for markets. Something that is also very fun, but often a lot more costly than lucrative, let me tell you!

    Because you see, I discovered that if the sun shines, the people will go to the beach and if it rains, the people will stay in and watch the match...so I gave that up pretty quickly, not only due to it beginning to cost me more than I earned but also due to having gained three stones from eating all the unsold produce!

    As I became more noted as a writer, I was contacted in 2014 by Octopus Publishing Group asking me to write a book called "Nordicana" for them, and it turned out to be a beautifully produced coffee table book, which, even though I wrote it, still love to pick up and "disappear in" on a rainy day.

    The same year, my Nordic sewing book "Sew Scandinavian" was released by CICO Books, and as the main photographer of the book, I truly got bitten by the photo bug.

    So, on to the next project: making craft tutorials for magazines! I was ok at sewing since childhood, but kind of made it up as I went along and as long as it looked OK in the end, I was happy, but learning how to sew properly and then write accurate instructions took a while for me to master but the pay for my efforts was very good, so I did it! Until today, I have worked with and written for some beautifully produced international publications, such as Prima Magazine, Prima Makes, SEW magazine, Reloved and many others and I get to take the pics for most of them which I love.


    As I was working with so many beautiful fabrics, the lust for creating my own started popping up in my head, so I tried my hand at it, and it resulted in two collections of Scandi/Celtic-inspired fabric patterns, which I then turned into an assortment of household objects, selling wholesale to various retailers. Business went very well and I was fortunate enough to create a bespoke pattern collection for the Irish ceramist Louis Mulcahy, to complement their latest range, for which I`m very proud. Although I still create little designs here and there, this type of business was proven to be very costly for me, and I had to figure out another way of making money, putting the fabric emporium on the shelf, at least until I retire. I also turned my fabric designs into porcelain decorations which were very popular, something I know I will want to revisit at some stage.

    My new commitment, and "happy forever home" is in magazine publishing; interviewing; reviewing; researching and writing about Irish female entrepreneurship.

    This is where I truly belong and feel a deep passion for.

    It gives me the opportunity to teach all the bits and bobs of information and experience which I myself have gained over the years; I get to inspire new entrepreneurs and although I don`t know that much about the nitty gritty of business, my passion for creativity and originality helps me in showcasing Ireland`s wonderful array of innovation, design and heartfelt and passionate produce. I`m delighted to have the opportunity to support Irish female entrepreneurship, create a magazine which I, myself, would love to read and I`m very excited about what the future will bring.


    Thank you for your time, and I hope you will enjoy Self Starter Magazine.


    Meet The Team

    Eadaoin Curtin

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