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That Is All It Takes-20 Seconds Of Being Brave. By Kajsa Kinsella

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"You Cannot Cross The Ocean
Unless You Dare To Lose Sight Of The Shore..."


The importance of being brave. Kajsa Kinsella for Self Starter Magazine

When I was a young girl, growing up in a very small town and moving away from home when I was only 16, I desperately wished to be brave; to take from life as much as I possibly could, to hear, to see, to taste, to smell and experience everything as if every day was the last day of my life.

I took my own life in my own hands and I truly lived to the fullest, being immensely brave every day, there was no challenge which I didn`t dare to face.

I suppose young bravery is a natural trait, as the world that lies before them is a new and completely unexplored playing field and it`s there for the taking.

Well, guess what, I grew up, I grew older! Bit by bit I got less energetic and connected; became a mum to a child, then to a second, then to a third and both physically and mentally, I think I simply stopped even attempting to do anything challenging for about 20 years.

And although that state of mind was a "safe place", it was soul destroying and very confining. The less you challenge the soul, the weaker it gets, I discovered first hand.

So, here I am today, having decided that I have to take this one life we have and do something remarkable with it and I`m working hard again to do something brave every day-it doesn`t have to be skydiving or swimming with hungry sharks (neeeever in my life!!!) but something as simple as writing an email with a clear intent, make a productive phone call, help someone in need and create a better life for yourself. If something is scary, give it a go for 20 seconds-I promise you will discover that you have much more "Umph" than you thought
Step by step, let`s get involved and dare to be brave again.

The importance of being brave. Kajsa Kinsella for Self Starter Magazine


* Speak What`s In Your Heart *

* Let The Past Be The Past *

* Set Appropriate Boundaries *

* Put Pen To Paper-Visualize Your Dream *

* Ask What You Want To Know *

* Tolerate That It Is Scary *

"You Are Strong Enough To Face Anything, Even Though It Might Not Feel Like That Right Now."

Enjoy life, do what your heart tells you and look after yourself. /Kajsa Kinsella

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