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Review Of Brooke & Shoals Fragrance Diffusers

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Self Starter Magazine Review of Brooke & Shoals Reed Diffusers

Brooke & Shoals

Welcome to my house, it is a busy, busy one. With one husband, one wife, three children of the age of 19,15 & 9, friends, neighbours, dogs, cats, and two little pet rats present at any given time, our house is very much lived in.

I have to say, it`s only ever a peaceful environment after midnight...

This was until a few weeks ago, when I had the fortune of receiving a large package from the lovely girls at Brooke & Shoals, filled with the most wonderful fragrance reed diffusers and since then, my home-life has literally transformed!

Ever since I broke open the seal on the beautiful packaged diffuser and set up my favourite, SweetPea & Tea Rose, as it somehow brings me right back to my childhood garden in southern Sweden, I now live in a fresh, fragrant and vibrant home where is doesn`t matter how busy it is, the peacefulness is always present.

As I walk through the halls, the delightful perfumes of Brooke & Shoals, blended by the very talented Alison Banton, alter my moods from stressed mother, cook, laundry washer, cleaner, employee, and self-employed, to a peaceful entrepreneurial superwoman, with a confident smile upon my face.

The world seems a little less loud and busy when you are surrounded by a soothing bouquet such as this.

I have promised myself that I will not live without Brooke & Shoals fragrance diffusers again, and I will replace it as soon as it runs out, which will be in months to come, making this product very good value for money indeed.

Self Starter Magazine Review of Brooke & Shoals Reed Diffusers

Multi-award winning Greystones-based company Brooke & Shoals are the creators of an almost delicious range of Fragrance Reed Diffusers.

The gentle blends of blooms, woods, plants and all kinds of wonderful sources of scent, are so perfectly chosen and measured, that whichever one you choose to purchase, is sure to be a perfectly aromatic delight.

Made from alcohol-free glycerine base and scented with the highest quality of fragrance and essential oils, each diffuser, hand-poured and packaged in Ireland, is not just a beautiful gift to give or receive, but it is one that enriches your life by lasting for up to 5 months.

With a selection of 15 glorious fragrances, you are sure to find your favourite!

€ 29.00

Self Starter Magazine Review of Brooke & Shoals Reed Diffusers
Self Starter Magazine Review of Brooke & Shoals Reed Diffusers
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