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By Claire Gallagher

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"Your domain name is only part of your brand, not the whole brand."



Claire Gallagher of Claire Creative teaches us the importance of choosing the correct URL for your business. For Self Starter Magazine

Choosing a domain name can feel like a really big decision. Especially if you'll be using it as your business name and your social media accounts. It can take time BUT… The most important thing about deciding on a domain name is… DECIDING!
Chose it, register it and get your project moving. Overthinking can get you stuck before you even get started!

“We decided we’d call it Apple Computers unless someone suggested a better name by 5 o’clock. Partly because I like apples a lot, and it comes before Atari in the phone book.”
Steve Jobs​

When you start building awareness of your business online you’ll realise that the domain is not the entire business! You can use your messaging, brand vocabulary and your blog content to help define how you’re perceived by your audience.

The point of having a website is visibility. A great domain name can't do all the heavy lifting! Your domain name helps people find you online so keep it short and memorable then get busy getting visible by consistently working on being in front of people.

"When you’re stuck on what domain name to use, your entire website project gets put on hold. You can’t even start your website without a domain name!

Your domain name is your customer's first point of contact with your brand online. You want to be memorable, unique and distinctive. Consider how you want people to think of your business when they see you online. Make sure your domain name isn't letting you down by following these simple guidelines.

Claire Gallagher of Claire Creative teaches us the importance of choosing the correct URL for your business. For Self Starter Magazine



1. Make sure it is easy to spell and can be easily said aloud.

Even though people will be mostly typing and clicking to access your site it is important that it sounds good as it helps people to remember your site so that they can easily come back again in future.

2. Avoid using hyphens or weird punctuation.​

These make the site seem generic not unique.

3. Don't be too similar to your competitors.

Do a search to make sure that there aren't existing businesses out there with a domain similar to your idea.

4. Don't launch your site with the temporary name
that comes with the free website builder
(eg: or

It looks like you're not serious about the business if you can't commit 10 quid (or thereabouts) to a real domain name.

5.Pay attention to words that run together. for example!!!

Make sure you're not sending the wrong message with accidental words.

6. Don't sacrifice being memorable by adding too many keywords.

There was a trend in recent years to use longer domain names so that
they match with people's search terms, but this is being phased out as
an advantage in Google search. If you want to use SEO
(Search Engine Optimisation) to be found online, use broad keywords
and consistent content.Your domain name should be relevant to your
service but still short enough to be memorable. Aim for 3 words maximum.

7. Don’t get too hung up on the ending.

If the .com is available, use it, but other extensions are perfectly
acceptable if the .com version is not available.

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