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A Scrumptious & Chunky Vegetable Lunch Recipe. By Kajsa Kinsella

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"Every Morning You Wake Up Is A Great Opportunity To Eat Good Food!"


Growing up in southern Sweden, I was surrounded by delicious food.

My mum was an incredible meal-maker and her mother, Essie, was a chef at a large convalescent clinic. In those days, everything was made from scratch with fresh ingredients and my absolute favourite from my childhood is this simple yet mouthwatering soup...

Enjoy! /Kajsa

Delicious and healthy lunch recipe for Self Starter Magazine

Directions & Ingredients-Chopping 15 min. Cooking 15 min.
5 Large Carrots
2-3 Large Parsnips
2 Leeks
6 Large Potatoes
Freshly Chopped Parsley-Lots!
2-3 Vegetable Stock Cubes
Optional-Smoked Sausage

Delicious and healthy lunch recipe for Self Starter Magazine

"You don`t need to own a silver fork, to eat great food!"​

Peel carrots, potatoes, and the parsnip and chop them into chunky squares. Make the potato cubes twice the size of the rest, as they tend to cook faster and will turn into mush if too small!
Cut the leek in thin slices and add all vegetables to the pot.
Chop fresh parsley and add that too.
Add the stock cubes, then add water to the pot, fill it to just above the vegs and bring to the boil.
Let boil for 12-15 minutes, then check to make sure it`s done.
Cut smoked sausage into small pieces and fry with a little oil or butter. Ad them to your steaming bowl of soup for that little bit extra.

Serve with some wholemeal bread, salted butter, and a strong cheese. Yum!

Delicious and healthy lunch recipe for Self Starter Magazine
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