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Once you put something down on paper, you commit...By Kajsa Kinsella

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"Writing your ideas, wishes, and dreams down on a piece of paper, might just be the kick in the old
"You Know What", that you need!"

If you think for a minute that you are the only one who is putting starting your own business

on the long foot, think again!
Countless people with enviable entrepreneurial spirit fail to get to even the starting line,

simply due to the fact that all the incredible, innovative, engaging and important ideas of

business, simply stay in their heads and goes no further...
Take a leap of faith with me today and put your pen to the parchment...sure what harm

could it do!?

Daring to put pen to paper for Self Starter Magazine Jan 2018

When the first seed of a business idea is born, fragile and unfinished as it is, being imaginative creatures as we are, it does not take long before we tend to clothe it in all kinds of layers, building ourselves a near enough complete image of what our ideal career was to look and act like. The finished picture is shining, glamorous and oh so delicious and desirable!
But, for many of us, the yearning of success stays just that, as a hunger, which we choose to ignore due to lack of guidance on how to initially start.

Here is a tip on how you could start:

Pick out a business that you admire
and aspire to become and

research EVERYTHING about them!

Find out as much as you possibly can about how they made it to the top; study their look, their message, their language, their policies, their social media, their ethos, their interactions, their "pull", their story their highs and their lows, and how they improve either alongside, despite or in connection with similar businesses i.e competition.

Although this might sound a tad tedious and boring, you will very soon be surprised how many fabulous ideas and possible pitfalls for your own intended business project that will spring to mind as you work. You will see how you would do things differently, what you would have done instead or you will discover ideas that worked, which you will then apply to your own business.

Learn from others who have already walked the walk. Those who have made the mistakes/successes you hope to now be able to avoid/achieve.
Turn your research into a fully fledged project, it`s time very well spent. Enjoy!

"Learn How To Succeed In Your Very Own Business Before You Even Start, By Learning About Their Successes And Failures."

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