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A story of how a kitchen business became an emporium by Kajsa Kinsella

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Jo Browne`s


Jo Browne Men`s solid perfume, interview for Self Starter Magazine February 2018

"Whilst searching for a model to head my men`s collection, my graphics designer sent me a man in a suit and tie which didn`t feel right at all and I said
No, No - THIS is the guy for my fragrances!"

I have to admit, I was quite nervous the other day, meeting one of my "business-idols", who`s progress I first became intrigued during last year`s "Showcase Ireland" in late January of 2017, when the girl, after having juuuust about started her business, literally cleaned-up as she won the "Best Product Award" in the "Overall Gift Category". This was an award which was to be followed by many many more.
Joanne handled it all so professionally and the rest of us stall holders were in great awe. I knew then, that I wanted to get to know this powerhouse and to hear her story.
One year later, I have her in front of me and we will together tell her inspiring tale of global success. When she came in the door to where we were to meet, with the glow from her early morning training session still evident on her smiling cheeks, she greeted me with a warm, firm hug and I knew straight away that we would get
on really well.
There is a definite air of confidence, contentment and inner strength around Jo, which you only see in completely self-made business women.

Joanne lives and works in County Carlow with her husband Matt and their three children.

Jo Browne solid Irish perfume , interview for Self Starter Magazine February 2018

Would you believe, the Irish queen of solid perfume, is actually not a big fan of standard spray-on perfume at all, in fact, she never was!
Now, FRAGRANCE, SCENT & BOUQUET are completely different things and they certainly have her full attention. Jo has single-handedly built her very successful business based on common sense, the ability to pace herself, passion and hard, hard work and as of to date, Jo Browne Natural Solid Perfumes are available for smelling and purchasing in 11 countries worldwide! Here in Ireland, she is represented by Irish retail giants such as The Kilkenny Store, Newbridge Silverware, The Titanic Museum, Avoca Handweavers and Kylemore Abbey, to name but a few.

It all started, as in fact so many business dreams do, with a defining moment in her childhood, when she was one day gifted a small piece of "faraway dreams and wonder" in the shape of a little pot, filled to the brim with a wonderfully smelling paste from Greece, and in an instant, she was hooked.
Jo, through her work as a fully qualified reflexologist and a holistic therapist, treasuring the "Body, Mind, Spirit & Emotions"-combination, developed a fascination for the highest quality essential oils and all things natural when it comes to clean, ecological, and organic skincare. She was still infatuated with solid perfumes and due to lack of availability, had to import her own all the way from a producer in Australia, but once this business closed, there was no more to be found.
So, Jo, as resolute and creative as she is, simply had to come up with her own.
In 2013, she took a leap of faith and followed her dream, left her job and started out on an adventure of developing her very own natural solid perfume which to date has brought her wonderfully fragrant products all around the globe and she promises that there is so much more to come from the brand Jo Browne.

Solid Perfume handmade in Ireland for Self Starter Magazine February 2018

After having spent three years of eagerly dissecting similar products, testing formulas, understanding scent combinations, and learning about how all ingredients need to blend and hopefully stay together, Joanne made her very first sample of solid perfume at the kitchen table and she was so pleased with the result, that she plucked up the courage to start sourcing packaging and had her first formula certified and fit for sale.

At this time, Joanne had a 6-month-old baby girl on her hip, as only a few days later, a huge box of 3000 solid perfume tubes made from ecological bamboo and sourced from a sustainable source, arrived at the door.
- "I said to myself, what in the world are you doing!", she tells me.

As so many things in life, they just fall into place when you most need them to, and Jo`s elegant perfume wrappings were far too beautiful to have a label slapped on to them, so as luck would have it, Jo happened to hear of a lady not far from where she lives herself, who had an engraving machine and
so, their collaboration started and a nearly full-time job was created out of only labeling the tubes.
The result is as you can see, sleek, simple and luxurious. The tube design eliminates potential mess and risk of spillage.
It`s the perfect companion for when traveling.

All Jo`s perfumes are handmade, from start to finish and after having initially roped in her husband as "pouring and scraping wax off the table-assistant", Jo was on the of June 2016, ready to launch her new business. A local chemist took on her first product, "Foral Note" ladies perfume, then the next chemist came on board and then the next.
Jo now knew that she was on to something and spent day and night calling and sending emails to potential retailers and evidently, all her hard work paid off.
In less than half a year, Jo, a fully self-made entrepreneur, found herself having increased her range with another two lady`s and two men`s fragrances. She gained encouragement from the local enterprise board to attend "Showcase Ireland" and got picked to represent the show. She was in her kitchen, being filmed for the massively popular TV programme "Nationwide" two months before the show, pinching herself.

"Remember, YOU are the face of your business, there is an immense buying power in people having a person to relate to"​

In late January of 2017, Jo Browne was on display at the "Showcase Ireland", and boy, did she clean up!
As the winner of the "Overall Gift Category", her business instantaneously reached a height which was so very well deserved, and large orders from retail giants worldwide followed... The same night as Showcase ended, Nationwide aired on national TV and it was a very different Jo Browne driving home, exhausted but oh, so elated, than the one who had nervously set up her stall in the RDS just a few days earlier. Life was never going to be the same and she was more than ready for it.

Since then, Jo`s brand and faithful customer base has grown from strength to strength, and although she prides herself in having no waiting time added on orders as she always carries backup stock and "stated by customers" the very best customer service in the business, Jo is not one to sit back and relax.
During 2017, Jo added a delightful facial cleansing balm, made with Camelia Oil, which has allowed her to broaden her customer base further.
This year will see another three unique products on the shelves, all made with the highest quality and natural ingredients.

Since Showcase, Jo has won numerous prestigious awards
and her ultimate dream is to see her brand displayed and on sale in every single airport in the world and do you know what, having met her in person, I know for sure that she will get there!

Jo Browne Logo, Interview for Self Starter Magazine February 2018

"Focus on one single product and get it right, first then, move on to the next"​

Natural, Ecological, Sustainable-Honest

When Jo started out on her journey of fragrances and skin care, she was adamant from the very beginning that all her products would be made, using only the very best of natural products and that they would not contain any nasties like parabens, SLS, artificial colours, lanolin or GMO`s.

Jo Browne Natural Solid Perfumes are made from Organic Beeswax, Mango Butter, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E & Rice Bran Oil
Her new Facial Cleansing Balm is made with 6 carrier oils and 8 essential oils, is 80% organic and contains the "miracle oil" Camelia due to it`s many beauty and healing benefits.
Find Jo Browne on

Solid Perfume creator Jo Browne interview for Self Starter Magazine February 2018
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