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Don`t You Just Love It When You Get Something For Nothing!

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"Unless You Get Serious About Your Money, You Will Never Have Serious Money!"


Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves, is something I`m sure your mother told you when you were young, and although you most likely did like me; rolled your eyes and sighed, you knew she was right!

In these exciting times of researching about starting your own business, holding on to your money for as long as you can is imperative.

 Here are a few websites we have found,

which will help you do just that.

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Mr Mail Chimp is a brilliantly reliable partner to have at your side as a new business;

sign up for FREE and enjoy building up your email list to 2,000 subscribers,

allowing you to send out 12,000 emails/month.

Free Stuff On The #Internet for Self Starter Magazine . #selfstartermagazine #weebly


After having struggled countless hours, sweating and cursing over my computer, trying to create a website of my own, Weebly rode in as my knight in shining armor!

With numerous beautiful, sleek, cute, romantic, businesslike, inviting and so easy to use templates, you can create a stunning website for FREE in an afternoon.

Free Stuff On The #Internet for Self Starter Magazine . #selfstartermagazine #grammarly


Although I absolutely LOVE grammar, writing and "word-labour", the old brain can get tired at times and then Grammarly comes to your aide; install for FREE and receive spot-on spell correction suggestions, synonyms and how to better put your sentences together. FAB!

Free Stuff On The #Internet for Self Starter Magazine . #selfstartermagazine #canva


Canva is a tool which I use on a daily basis-I even make this magazine on it!

In the FREE option, you have thousands of images, frames, layouts, illustrations, backgrounds, overlays and much much more to work with.

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