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Taking Control Of Your Life & Business. By Saskia Kremer

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"A Heart At Peace Gives Life To The Body"


Learn how to push through from a burnout to a break through with Saskia Kremer for Self Starter Magazine


Would you like to jump out of bed in the morning full of energy? How would it feel if you had more time, money and enjoy the things you are doing?
The problem I see with so many business owners is that they are working way too hard, running out of energy and not making any real money. They feel drained, not only at the end of the day, but already in the early morning when they get up, overwhelmed when a business opportunity is at their doorstep…

I’m here to tell you that it really doesn’t have to be that way…

When you have a close look at your activities: what are you spending your time on? So often I see business owners more focused on being busy, rather than focused action generating revenue. This is a huge energy drain. Needless to say that without money you don’t get very far in paying your bills… But it is more than that: money is a transference of inspiration! Have you ever looked at it from this perspective? What are your convictions blocking that money to flow? Are you allowing yourself to be valued for the inspiration you are offering? Not only to pay your bills, but BIG time? How does that feel?
Have a closer look at the product or service you are offering: are you doing what comes naturally to you? Too often we make things complicated. As a teenager Mother Teresa taught me this great wisdom about doing small things with great love. It is such a powerful way to avoid Burnout and grow steadily. Do you truly allow yourself to keep it simple and do that consistently? If not, which emotion is holding you back?...

Have you ever asked yourself - what really gives you joy? It is easy to let overwhelm and lack of energy take over and prevent you from having any joy in your life. Ever felt like that? If you have lost the sense of what gives you joy, you only have to look back at who you once were as a child. Sometimes you just need to do a little bit of cleaning to see the diamond shining again. That child is still there!

Learn how to push through from a burnout to a break through with Saskia Kremer for Self Starter Magazine

Take that challenge to measure your success based on how much joy you are having in your life!

1. Choose Love. When we are in a situation of fear or overwhelm and are running around, caught in the rat race, we tend to feel isolated. DO you want to change this around? Take a minute to close your eyes, or just turning inward and make the choice to learn in love, our heart starts to open up. It is a very subtle way since love just dispels fear. Just give it a try and experience what happens.

2. Small steps reap big results. Which small step can you make today to reach your goal? Write it down and take into consideration how much time and energy you have. It doesn’t have to be big steps to reach your goals. Slow and steady wins the race.

3. Watch out for negative self-talk. It becomes a habit and sneaks up on you, be sure to notice it and snap yourself out of it each time. This also becomes a habit. (You can use an elastic band on your wrist for 24 hours, snap it every time a negative thought comes to mind, it will snap you out of that)

4. Me-time is essential. Schedule 15 minutes every day to slow down, this will help to restore energy and help you stay focused. If you can’t take 15, take 5. Before you get out of bed, before you go sleep. If you can’t find time for yourself, you will burn out. Make the time.

5. Pat Yourself On The Back. At the end of the day take time to celebrate your successes and reward yourself no matter how small, acknowledge it, the good stuff and the not so good stuff. Keep a journal next to your bed, write it down, what are you grateful for and what are you celebrating. This is for the moment, but it’s also for looking back so you can see where you’re coming from and how much you are achieving. You will see that if you take a few minutes before going to bed, to acknowledge your successes of the day and be grateful for them, that you will wake up way more rested and replenished.

Learn how to push through from a burnout to a break through with Saskia Kremer for Self Starter Magazine

Saskia works with professionals who work way too much for way too little. When you work with her you discover the secrets to clear focused action so you can do a whole lot more in less and open an amazing window of freedom in your life.
By age 30 I was totally burnt out and on the edge of a breakdown. I knew I had no time to lose on waiting for circumstances to change. I turned my life around. I got clear on what the small steps were and worked to master them and within 6 months I had quadrupled my income! My Breakthrough allows me now, as a single mom, to combine my business with the care of my two young children, without getting overwhelmed. It is my joy to show you how you can do the same and open your unique window of freedom.
If you're ready to turn your life around and have more time and more freedom:

call me for a FREE 30 mins. breakthrough session.
Call: 089-9615480

Learn how to push through from a burnout to a break through with Saskia Kremer for Self Starter Magazine


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