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By Kajsa Kinsella

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There is no better medicine on a "low" day than to bring a smile to someone else`s face. ​

The importance of finding happiness by Kajsa Kinsella for Self Starter Magazine. #selfstartermagazine #thinktellteach #entrepreneurs #happiness

I hear you sister, it`s not easy to cheer up when everything around you and often within you, seems to take almost pleasure in putting sticks in your way, and trip you up at every opportunity.
But fret not, for there is help coming your way!
One thing we often forget is that our own insecurity and unhappiness most certainly bring misery upon us, and if only we shifted that despair a little to the side, we`d see the sunrise, waiting juuuuust behind it.

Have you noticed, the ripple effects of making someone smile are incredible. Smiling is contagious, it`s a proven fact and let me tell you, however sullen you are, when someone approaches you with an ear-to-ear smile, staying sour ain`t easy!
Not only do you smile, but your body responds in the most amazing way to it.

Did you know that someone smiling triggers an unconscious automatic response in us all and apparently, if you look at an image or person who is smiling, you are near enough unable to create an unhappy expression? Isn`t that amazing!

When making someone happy, you tighten the connection between the two of you; the bond in which trust and confidence grow.
Sharing or showing a genuine emotion of joy is the very best way to create a business relationship which will stand the test of time. And a smile is the shortest way to sealing the deal.
Within this emotion, people feel seen, they feel listened to and they feel safe and that is what we as entrepreneurs wish for all our customers, partners, distributors and colleagues to feel.

And, I promise you, the smiles you are bringing to other people`s faces, are certainly warming up your thoughts about yourself too.

"Making Someone Happy Changes Both Their World
And Yours"

The importance of finding happiness by Kajsa Kinsella for Self Starter Magazine. #selfstartermagazine #thinktellteach #entrepreneurs #happiness

*Give someone a call*

In this day and age, we have loads of social media friends, but most of us have never actually spoken in person. Give someone you admire a quick call to tell them that.

Who knows what will come out of it!

*Express your gratitude*

In every business, there are people who have helped you, taught you important lessons, guided you through uncertain times. Send them all a short message to say thanks and to put a smile on their faces. I promise you, you will receive the same positive energy right back and your day is off to a splendid start!

*Make A Happy Music List *

Write down or make a playable list of the music that invigorates you and makes you happy. Share it on social media, and before long, your friends will add their favourites and you will all have plenty of great music to work to.

*Plan A Networking Event!*

Get some girls together for a small networking event. It doesn`t have to be super regulated and organized, but, suggest a cuppa and a natter in a local cafe, to get to know each other and to pick each other`s brains.
I promise you, this will make you smile before, during and after the event.

The importance of finding happiness by Kajsa Kinsella for Self Starter Magazine. #selfstartermagazine #thinktellteach #entrepreneurs #happiness

"Happiness Is A Perfume You Cannot Pour Over Others Without Spilling A Few Drops On To Yourself."

When things are tough, remind yourself of this:

You are doing your very best. You are tenacious and you are a strong, fierce lady who is on a mission. A mission to live a life that you are happy to be in, one that you are proud of. One that allows you to breathe easy and sleep well at night.
You are on your way. You are traveling the journey you chose to take and you should promise yourself to look after yourself as well as you tend to your friends.

SMILE at yourself in the mirror. Even a fake smile will send positive signals to your brain, and who knows, before long you just might be able to produce a real one too!

Wishing you all the very best /Kajsa Kinsella, founder of Self Starter Magazine

The importance of finding happiness by Kajsa Kinsella for Self Starter Magazine. #selfstartermagazine #thinktellteach #entrepreneurs #happiness
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