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Learning the most difficult thing-saying NO. By Kajsa Kinsella

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"It takes more of a leader to say no than to say yes."

NEIN, NIET, NADA, NEJ, NOOOO. It doesn`t matter in which language you express your disinterest in a certain matter, you still have to get over the metal block of wishing to please each and every one who happens to come your way. Learning to stand by your decision to only taking part in things which benefit you personally and business-wise.

For far too many of us, the ability to say no is deemed to be THE most difficult thing to learn, as we tend to fall back into people pleasing-mode naturally and almost automatically.

When you are new in business and are just starting out, the wish of grabbing each and every opportunity of networking, connecting and listening to what other people find you should do with your business comes natural, as you are understandably excited and full of the energy of a newborn.
Any project presented to you seems of value, no matter the cost or the inconvenience; we are afraid of saying no, fearful of missing out on THE opportunity to further our enterprise.

The saying "You have to kiss many frogs before finding the prince" is somewhat true also in business, i.e. you do have to dare to take chances, push yourself to make business connections and hope that they lead to something good and productive.
BUT, do be sensible when it comes to spending far too much of your time, effort and money and learn to dare to say no to things which don`t aide you where you are at the moment. Once you have made your millions, you can feel more at ease about spending your time and money as you please but for now, focus and keep working!

Thanks, But No Thanks

How to keep your emotions under control when you feel that saying no is the

best answer to a question.

Just say no, feature for Self Starter Magazine July 2018
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