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Learning To Let Business Take Its Time. By Kajsa Kinsella

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"Patience Is The Key That Solves All Problems, Big Or Small."


Letting go of having to have it all. By Kajsa Kinsella for Self Starter Magazine

The road to success is never straightforward...

Starting out in business a few years ago myself, I thought that the first thing I came up with, running a small Swedish bakery business, was going to make me the millions I had dreamed of for so long.
Nope, it proved to be incredibly difficult to break the market and keep my finances from being drained, due to the products having such a short shelf life. Plus, trying to get into shops was next to impossible.
So, on to the next thing.

I began working with something else I love to do: making patterns on Adobe Illustrator.
Let`s see what I can create out of this, I thought, and had my smaller patterns made into rubber stamps, then created a porcelain range with the help of these. Let me tell you, it was SO much fun! But, again, travelling around on markets to test this out, with a young family and full-time job in tow, was not sustainable, so I had to leave the ceramics to the side and think again.

Instead, out of my Adobe patterns, I had fabrics made, and sewed some lovely household items and little toys out of them. This was something that I truly loved, but, again, the cost of carrying a 12 pattern fabric range was to become too much for my bank account and as I was not able to hire someone to help me out, the workload simply became far too heavy to carry on my own.
During those years, I also wrote two books, co-wrote another two and worked a lot with international magazines, supplying tutorials to them.

What I`m trying to say here, is that it takes time to figure out who you are. The road to glory, as we see it when we first step out into the entrepreneurial spotlight, is never a straight one. The path to success is lined with all kinds of obstacles and teachings, many which are just SO annoying and uncomfortable, but, they are the ones that teach us how to do it better, how to be smarter and how to become laser-focused on how to get where we want to go.
Let go of having to have it all now, and let it take its time.

Your optimal business will be stronger that way.

Letting go of having to have it all. By Kajsa Kinsella for Self Starter Magazine

It takes Patience, Persistence & Plenty Of Perspiration

To Succeed!

*Learning From Your Setbacks*

Rather than shying away from the fact that the business venture you dreamed of

didn`t quite work out as you had planned, let what occurred teach you.
Learn what to do and what not to do next time around!

*Looking After The Money*

Failing in business is absolutely no fun, but not even half as un-fun as when you have proper money invested in it, on top of the expectations of others, potential investors and staff...Don`t go full force into a business too soon, however tempting the idea of making a heap of money seems. Take your time and let it settle, let it grow and it will show you its potential or nonpotential in time.

*Pick Your Company With Care*

As in any situation in life, there are people who want to bring you down and there are

people who want to lift you up.
Be careful of yourself, and choose to spend your time with people who are encouraging you, rather than with those in whose company you feel self-conscious and inadequate.

*Get Back Up On That Horse!*

If your business hasn`t brought you where you want it to be, get back up and dust yourself off. Look things over, as if you were your own customer, your own target market and see what they see. Why are you not taking the world by storm? Why are you not making the millions you know you deserve? Begin putting steps in place to build a business that will make you happy and hopefully wealthy too.

Letting go of having to have it all. By Kajsa Kinsella for Self Starter Magazine

Remember: "If you stay focused and treasure the "failed" business ideas, rather than deny them, you will learn a lot!

When things are tough, remind yourself of this:

Letting go of the expectations of you "having to have it all" straight away is a wonderful thing. I promise you, the entrepreneurs you look up to ALL have a history of failures, mistakes and unsuccessful attempts to make it in business. You are anything but alone, and you are much better of setting realistic goals than over the top ones, for your own sake.

Be kind to yourself.

You are learning, you are developing and you are discovering

who you are in business.

Enjoy the ride, and make sure you learn from it and your millions will come!

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