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By Lisa McKenna

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"Some People Only Dream Of Success, Whilst Other People Wake Up Each Morning And Work Hard At It."

Hi, I`m Lisa, I set up McKenna & Co Solicitors, a female-led law firm on the 1st of December 2017 and now 7 months in business but it feels like seven years as it has been a rollercoaster of a journey so far, not only are you running a business but you, a Solicitor, a Boss, a Marketer, and a Networker all in one. Its extremely hard work and long hours running a law firm but I was never one to shy away from hard graft, its something that was instilled in me from my late father and a quality that I am proud to have.

If you work hard in life, believe in yourself and your abilities and have a passion for what you do then success will be inevitable. There will be people in life and business who will try to undermine you and become envious of your success but you must rise above this, remain professional and continue from strength to strength. I read a quote recently by Ted Rubin “your value does not decrease based on someones inability to see your worth”, the right people will value your worth in business.

McKenna & Co Solicitors is located at 56 Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin 2 and is a Civil and Commercial Law Firm which means that we work in the areas of Property Law, Wills, Probate, Power of Attorneys, Personal Injury, Family Law, Employment Law, and Business Law. We are a team of five at present and after just four months in practice as McKenna & Co, we were named as Finalist by the Irish Law Awards for sole-practitioner of the year. We pride ourselves on the top quality service that we give to our clients and always ensure confidentiality and compassion. I am a very tenacious individual and when I take on a client, I will never give up and will strive only for a successful result for that client, my vision is to create only success and positive results for them.

The first question people always asked me when I started out in business was
“where you are not scared, fearful or nervous, my answer is always “no, never”.
I have never let fear or intimidation impact any part of my life when it comes
to business. Naturally, the “what if” will run through your mind but if your passion
for something burns stronger than your fear then you will succeed.

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"When you`re in business, only surround yourself with positive people"

I spent ten years working for law firms, multinational companies, the banks, and the court service before setting up on my own law firm and as a child I worked within a family run business so there was always that entrepreneur within screaming to get out and make the dream a reality.

I always knew that there was something missing from my career while working in other law firms and now that I have my own law firm that void is filled and I feel a great sense of achievement and it has made me much stronger as a person, more determined in life and ultimately a master of my own destiny. Often people remark that I am young to own my own law firm, I find this a strange comment as age is only a number and I believe if you have that vision for your pathway to success why not take it and build on it regardless of your age, life is short and you should never allow anything to hold you back from pursuing your dream. Often in law firms, promotion is slow for women and the profession as a whole tends to be male-dominated albeit in recent reports women now outnumber men practicing as a solicitor in Ireland, which illustrates a start for change but its still very much male-dominated and centered when it comes to promotion to Senior positions.

Read the personal story of solicitor Lisa McKenna for Self Starter Magazine

When you are in business you should only surround yourself with positive supportive people, I am very fortunate to have wonderfully supportive inspiring friends and a very supportive husband who has been backing me and promoting me in business, it is these people who will form part of your success and it is these people that should form a big part of your life. These people may not be part of your business but they are part of your success.

Becoming an entreprenur can be challenging and isolating at times but there are so many networks available to support and encourage entrepreneurs, for women in particular there are so many fantastic groups to join, two which I am members of are, the Women Inspire Network and the Women in Business Network. These groups are fantastic for support, its women supporting women and you come away with great friends in a very short space of time in the network. As they say behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have their back. Dublin Chambers is another fantastic network where you get an opportunity as a business owner to meet other like-minded business people.

For now, McKenna & Co Solicitors is going from strength to strength and strives for continued success. People often ask me where do I see the firm going, my answer is always, I see it as being one of the most successful law firms in Ireland.

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