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An interview with talented artist & sculptor Emma Jane Rushworth.

By Kajsa Kinsella

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"Milan, Paris, London, Hong Kong, New Dehli, New York... Sometimes it takes a few turns around the globe, to find where you truly belong."

Talented wire sculptor and artist tells her intriguing personal story of discovery for Self Starter Magazine 2018

Discovering who you truly are and what makes your heart beat that little bit faster, is a place where we all wish to find ourselves sooner rather than later and I think that

Emma Jane Rushworth has managed to achieve just that!

As a member of a very creative family myself, stepping into Emma Jane`s picturesquely converted cottage which she shares with her husband and two young sons, instantly makes me feel right at home. Her busy household is made up of a lovely mixture of young and old style and one can feel that it is a home which is truly lived in. Everywhere you look there are bits and pieces of inspiration, as if scattered just by coincidence; a beautiful book here, a sweet coffee cup there, rustic chicken wire covering the cupboard windows and details which make me desperately long for having more time on my hands to be creative and as Emma Jane makes me a delicious cup of liquorice tea, I know this will be a great interview.

On we go through her house into the backyard, where I`m met by a selection of her fantastic outdoor wire sculptures which are left outside to "rust to perfection".
Never did I think I`d say that in a sentence!
Her studio is again a true Mecca for anyone who has creativity flowing through their veins as it is filled to the brim with tools big and small, wire, nuts and bolts, handmade details which are used for her creations, metals of any kind...everything she needs to create the most wonderful artwork I have seen in a very long time.

Adorable wire fairies by sculptor Emma Jane Rushworth. Red her interview in Self Starter Magazine 2018.

Imagination, creativity and individuality are three trusted companions
Emma Jane has brought along with her on her travels through the world and her career and the pieces have finally fallen into place like a puzzle, as it often does.

Her career in design began when she was just young and her incentive for choosing a career path was to make money, and as she saw it, fashion design was the best place where to create a lucrative future. After she successfully completed her degree, a nerve-wracking interview with a representative of a large Indian clothing company followed in the lavish Ritz Carlton Hotel in London and I can only imagine the butterflies in her stomach having a party!
Emma Jane was hired as a designer and after having packed her bags, she caught a flight to Paris where she spent the next five years working partly in India, partly in France and attending shows and photo shoots all around the globe.

It was the life she had wished for and understandably, she loved every minute of it.
Five years later, she felt that her time with this particular company was coming to an end and she returned back home. Not long after, she was snapped up by another company, and this time, her sails were set on the distant shores of Hong Kong, a place of incredible intensity, fast-paced living and nearly frightening commercialism.
One year in, Emma Jane felt that her time to return and seek employment closer to home had arrived and frankly, she couldn`t wait to spend some time with her beloved dog again, whom she had left in the care of her parents as she departed for Hong Kong.

As luck would have it, she soon found placement as the designer for a large Irish fashion company based in Greystones, County Wicklow and from all the stunning and intriguing locations she had visited, this was the place on earth which proved itself to be where she feels that she truly belongs.

Enjoying the busy life of again traveling here, there and everywhere and, as she says herself, she must have put in enough stitches in her career to cover entire Ireland, a few years later and with now a young son waiting for her at home, she had to begin listening to her inner self as it became increasingly hard to leave this little bundle behind. Going on long trips, taking her very far away from him and her husband was beginning to break her heart and yet again, a decision had to be made.

Wire flowers by sculptor Emma Jane Rushworth, for Self Starter Magazine 2018

In 2014, Emma Jane was unemployed for the first time in a very long time, and she had to consider what she was going to do and how she was going to do it, to support her young family.

Funnily enough, it was during a conversation with her mother, that the light-bulb moment came to her and she yet again felt the excitement of paving the road to a new career bubbling up inside her.
"I remember a little wire dinosaur you made for me when you were only 16, and you didn`t need any blueprint or anything, you just made it up from imagination", Emma Jane was reminded by her mum as they discussed what she could do.
That was it, off she went with a pair of pliers and a roll of wire and from her hands grew a sculpture of a large chicken which was intended for outdoor use.
Since then, whatever she has created has been bought by very happy customers and she truly enjoys the fact that her creativity is only restricted by herself and not by any other surrounding factors which give her an immense sense of freedom and satisfaction.
This way, she is allowed to fully satisfy her artistic urges and create to her heart`s content.
Business is going really well and her pieces are always adored by the masses at the annual Bloom festival in Dublin where she receives many orders and inquiries. As her outdoor collections have been so well received, Emma Jane is currently developing smaller artifacts made in bronze for indoor decoration and I can`t wait to enjoy the beauty she creates.
I am truly impressed with her tenacity whilst working with these harsh materials which are tough to bend to your will, but I get the clear impression that this girl has a will of steel and whatever comes in her way, she will find a way to either conquer it or move it so that she can keep on climbing the ladder to success.

Logo of artist and sculptor Emma Jane Rushworth. Writing for Self Starter Magazine 2018.

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