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The Key To Making People Remember You. By Melissa Curley

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"People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel"

My name, Melissa, actually means honeybee in Greek, and some would say that I was annoyingly chatty as a child, so maybe it was always meant to be, that I would create a business called SocialBee, with a mission to make people fall back in love with tea and conversation.

SocialBee began in my head as an observation of the world around me and how we were
spending less and less time gathering to spend time in one another’s company.
I wanted to create a service that would bring people together, back around the table, to chat and connect.
The occasion of Afternoon Tea seemed to me to be the perfect tool to achieve this. It reminds us of a time when to "take tea together", was an occasion not to be rushed, where we had time to sit, and chat, and muse, and enjoy one another's company.
People reassessed what mattered to them, post-recession. And what matters is the people
around you, the experiences you all share together, and how best to spend your precious time
in ways that feed your human desire for connection, and community.
SocialBee started as a quirky service that brought surprise, delight, and joy to many a special
occasion. But it has become much more than that in these past three and a half years. When I
started offering the service to companies for staff treats, I soon realized that it would serve an
even more important function than that. As the workplace gets larger and busier, so too do our human interactions get more efficient and technology focused. What gets lost is intimacy and human interaction. And so now, we are finding that more and more our service is helping to promote employee interaction and internal networking.

My initial ‘why’ has never been more relevant. People are looking to reconnect, both with
themselves and with the people around them. At SocialBee, we have a passion for
conversation, and for getting the conversations started. So whether we are working on a special occasion, or a corporate event, I always keep in mind a favourite quote from Maya Angelou:
‘’ People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but people will never for how you made them feel. ’’

We want everyone to feel surprised, delighted, treated and valued at a SocialBee event.

"Start with an idea that excites you / moves you / motivates you. With SocialBee I wanted to create a service that would bring people back around the table, to chat and connect."

Melissa Curley of SocialBee, Self Starter Magazine May 2018

Melissa`s Top Tips

● Being different - wasn’t my initial goal. But the service I created was different, and it captured people’s curiosity.

● Be delightfully delusional - in the beginning only though!
It will help you to overcome the fears, doubts, and anxieties that come with taking a jump off the self-employed cliff.

● Think laterally - when I realized that the service I had created was a weekend occasion one, I knew I needed to figure out how to sell it all week long, or else I had created a lovely hobby and not a business. So I looked to the corporate sector and found that
employee well-being was becoming a buzz phrase. SocialBee to the rescue then with a wonderful service that would surprise, delight and be a treat to staff.

● Always be evolving - the quirkier your service/ product is, the more likely it is to have a limit to its popularity and appeal.

Think about the most expensive item of clothing you own - you keep it for special occasions and not everyday use. So too, with a service like mine.

So, what else can be added to keep clients interested? Have fun figuring it out!

Tea Party by Melissa Curley of SocialBee for Self Starter Magazine May 2018
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