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The yummiest and freshest Sarnie you have ever tasted! By Kajsa Kinsella

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"It`s As Simple As This: Eat Good=Feel Good!"​

Delicious Self Starter Lunch, Fresh, Healthy Recipe July 2018

You can`t beat a great sandwich, and this one, bursting with green vigor is so full with flavours, textures, and goodness, you can really feel how well it treats your body as you munch away to your heart's content!

Delicious fresh, homemade lunch by Self Starter Magazine July 2018 Ireland

Directions & Ingredients
Two Slices Of Brown Bread - Toast Or Other
Buffalo Mozzarella
Green Pesto
Fresh Cucumber
Freshly Washed Lamb`s Lettuce
Fresh Thyme

Fresh Irish lunch, Self Starter Magazine July 2018, Sandwich
Toast the bread until it`s crispy and let cool.
Spread a generous layer of delicious green pesto on both slices and dress one with sliced buffalo mozzarella, sliced cucumber.
Wash the lamb's lettuce and pull it apart a little Pluck a few then add it to the sandwich.
Pluck a few twigs of fresh thyme and add it to the mix too.
Close the sandwich with the second piece of bread and cut it in four pieces with a sharp knife-Enjoy!!

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