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An Interview With Multiple Entrepreneur Siobhan Fitzpatrick.

By Kajsa Kinsella

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"And this, from a girl who had no interest in business at all!"

Siobhan Fitzpatrick, A Conscious Connector

Multiple entrepreneur Siobhan Fitzpatrick tells her story of international and national success.

More often than not, our upbringing shapes the way our career paths turn out.
The people we surround ourselves with; the ones we look up to and listen to, instill their work ethos, their drive and innovativeness in us from a very young age, and although Siobhan Fitzpatrick initially had no interest in business, it was to become her whole life.

We`re meeting on a sunny afternoon in Bray, at a restaurant with stunning views out towards the ocean. I`m running a little late due to not finding a parking space and as I half stumble in a hurry to our table, Siobhan is in her element; she is on the phone, taking notes and writing a text at the same time...this girl does not waste any time being unproductive and who could blame her; when you run not one, not two but three businesses at the one and the same time, you could be forgiven for seeing the benefit of multitasking!

Although having come from an entrepreneurial family in Ireland, funnily enough, Siobhan, at the time of her leaving cert, had absolutely no wish to join in the race, and so she left school with no clear direction, and her poor parents exasperated...

After a short stint in admin, which didn`t suit her lively soul, Siobhan occupied herself with business studies whilst the, at the time, incredibly modern DOS system, was introduced on the digital market and she was quick to see the benefit of being able to work on a computer, something she was very fascinated by and she could already then see the potential in this digital machine.

Once finished with her studies, it was not long before Siobhan paved her own path, and one thing she discovered whilst doing some promotional work at a young age, was that she above all loved interacting with people; working with; working alongside and working for: people.
The surge of joy and energy she felt when connecting and networking was indescribable and it was to become the very thing that shaped her entire career.

Multiple entrepreneur Siobhan Fitzpatrick tells her story of international and national success.

"Being surrounded by like-minded and enthusiastic people is my energy, my oxygen and I`m very passionate about helping people love their Mondays again."

Before long, Siobhan`s eyes were cast upon the Big Apple across the seas, and the possibilities of New York and America were calling her from afar. and after having found her feet, she landed herself the much enviable position of events manager for Downs Syndrome Society and later on as the same for Master Card positions which allowed her to utilize her strong creativity and people management and oh, the events she organized, and the things she learned, and the connections she made, many of which she still very much enjoys today.

After a few wonderfully energetic and incredibly intense years of traveling all across the globe multiple times, Siobhan somehow found herself falling out of love with the hectic life which she led. She found herself no longer being able to add value and strongly felt the necessity to slow things down a little, beginning with seeking a placement closer to home. After a lot of soulsearching and re-evaluating of herself and life, she set sail towards the shores of the UK where she took up employment with a global financial services company. This was a place where she truly felt at home, and the four months she had originally planned to stay, whoops, became four years!

Self-employment was at this stage naturally in the cards for Siobhan and her love for people paved the way for Catseye Coaching, a business and career transition agency where she dedicates her work to make her clients find their true path and fall in love with Mondays again. It is a place where you truly will learn what you are for, who you are for and the professional path that is best suited to, you guessed it, you!

As Siobhan says, life is too short to be unhappy each and every day, with what you do, each and every day.

Driven and ambitious, Siobhan was not content with running only one business, so, she developed another one. I the UK, as a newbie to the scene, networking had become her lifeline and battery charger. It came naturally to her to seek the company of various groups for women in business. One, in particular, which stood out was WIBN (Women In Business Network). Its organization, effectivity and concept of providing value for money suited Siobhan down to a T. They joined forces, and Siobhan became the representative of the island of Ireland. Since the launch in January of 2016, she has established 13 groups with 160 members in seven counties. Not bad for a girl who had no interest in running a business what so ever!

Do you remember I mentioned that there was a third business-well, great things are on the horizon for Siobhan. Her natural ability for adding value to the people she works with has brought her to embark on yet another exciting endeavor.
This coming September, on the, at the Carlton Dublin Airport Hotel, you will experience a networking conference without comparison. Siobhan is organizing The Networking Summit. The core mission of the gathering is for you, the participant, to come away with an invaluable amount of advice and knowledge about what networking can and will do for your business. You will gain information which you can apply immediately with great effect. The line up of speakers is critically selected to offer the very best of value; to give you as part-taker exclusive information on how to elevate your business through the medium of networking. With the help of both national and international speakers such as pitch coach Catherine Moonan, professional profiler Joseph McGuire and keynote speaker Joanne O`Riordan, you will enjoy a day of the enriching company of like-minded people, entrepreneurs ready to take their business to the next level, just like you are.

Thank you, Siobhan, for letting me into your life, your memories and your hopes for the future. I`m so impressed by your endless positivity and enthusiasm.
Your kindness and never fading energy helps recharge so many empty batteries and I know that you have brought and will bring out the very best is so many people.

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