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Mouthwatering and light, made in just a few minutes. By Kajsa Kinsella

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"It`s so delicious, don`t be surprised if you find yourself making a second batch!"​

Mouthwatering light lunch, goats cheese sallad for Self Starter Magazine March 2018

Often, eating a large, hefty meal makes you sluggish and tired, and as self-employed, fatigue is something we can truly do without.
This light and easy to digest lunch is amazing in both its flavour and texture combinations.

Delicious light lunch recipe. Goats cheese sallad Self Starter Magazine March 2018

Ingredients & Instructions

Simply toast a sturdy slice of sourdough bread, brush some olive oil on one side and add thinly slices goats cheese to that side.
Grill in the oven for a minute or two, keep watching, for it burns easily.
Slice pear and avocado thinly, arrange with mixed leaves lettuce and herbs on a plate and add the hot and crispy bread slices.

To make the cranberry dressing, simply
mix two spoons of cranberry jam, a splash of white wine vinegar, a squirt of lime juice, salt & pepper, and a little olive oil.

Mix well together and drizzle over your lunch-YUM!

Light lunch, recipe, Self Starter Magazine March issue 2018
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