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Ask Me To Do Anything, But To Stand Up And Speak! By Kajsa Kinsella

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"When you think about it, ALL speaking is public speaking, whether it`s to one or a hundred..."

This darn public speaking, if only it wasn`t so instrumental to the business, both financially and profile-wise, wouldn`t you leave it all together!?
But, consider this, what if you like it, what if it feels great and liberating, and, what if people actually get encouragement from what YOU have to say!

It`s worth a shot, finding out, don`t you think?

Hands Are Sweaty,
Knees Are Shaking, Voice Is Trembling, Eyes Are Darting,
Sugar, I Need To Wee!

If I had a penny for all the times I felt secretly courageous only in my own head and vowed to

start speaking in public, I`d be living in sunny Florida, not on the (mostly) cold east coast of Ireland!

Do you remember the days when you were little and you had no inhibitions, no fears or regulations? I miss those days.
When I was young, I`d often be up on stage, singing in front of the crowds without a worry in

the world about whether they liked it or not.
But, as I got older and had three children over the last 20 years, the old confidence took a few knocks, and although I would love nothing more than to be on that stage again, it feels like that

threshold at the moment is very high. But, as of today, let's do something about it!

"I know, as someone who is struggling with finding the confidence to stand up and speak, that you too are full of hidden intelligence, empathy, and vigor. So, let`s practice and prove ourselves wrong!"

*Learn your topic inside out*

The more you know about a topic, the more passionate
about it you become and therefore is less likely to get lost

*Get organized and plan your speech*

Make sure you have everything in the right order and
where it should be, the security of this will make you less
likely to become nervous.

*Practice, practice, practice*

Begin on your own, then invite a few family members, and
ultimately as some colleagues or people, you don`t know
that well to listen to you.

*Define your specific worries*

Be honest with yourself and pen down the things you are
worried about, things you fear might go wrong and challenge these.

*Focus on what you are teaching*

Keep your thoughts on what you want people to get excited about,
rather than what they think about you, and you`ll stay energized
rather than flustered.

*Enjoy a moment of silence*

Don`t be afraid to take a pause of a second or two, for the info to
sink in, but also to give yourself a quick breather.

*Visualize your success*

Imagine the speech going great, that you stayed on track
and that everything went really smooth, and that you really enjoyed it!

Plucking up the courage to speak in public, Self Starter Magazine May 2018

"Courage doesn`t mean that you are not afraid, it means you are doing it anyway"​​

Tackling public speaking in Self Starter Magazine May 2018

*Remind yourself of this: there are more friendly, well-wishing people in this world than not, and the evil ones don`t usually go to events or conferences where they have to meet people anyway.

*The simple fact that you are up there, speaking, is seen as something enviable by so many, because they themselves, secretly yearn to do exactly what you do too, but you are the brave one.
*Trust me, you won`t be doing half as bad as you most certainly will tell yourself afterward, so in advance, give yourself a break and a pat on the back, and get up there.

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