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Understanding how to have a fruitful day, rather than a "chasing your tail"-one. By Lynsey Hanratty.

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"Get the most out of tomorrow by doing your best today"

There are only 24 hours in the day, and you have to get everything done on your ever growing to do list, work on your growing business, and ensure there’s something ready for dinner at the end of the day.

You’re tired being a busy fool, rushing around all the time chasing your tail and feeling like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to getting the really important stuff done in your life and business. An endless stream of tasks and ‘stuff’ comes piling on top of you like last weeks laundry and you are struggling under the weight of it.

What if you could be more adaptable for when the real emergencies show up or be able to set aside time in your day to do something you want to do, like meet a friend for coffee or take a half hour at lunchtime to sit and read a book. Being productive isn’t the same as being busy – ‘busyness’ covers up for the fact that people are just not organized! The difference is how you manage to get things done and take action, busy people are firefighters, lunging from one emergency to another, productive people are strategic and take the time to focus on what they really want and what's important to them.

But how do you become more productive with the limited time you have from juggling your business commitments and family life, and still have time for yourself?

Here are 5 ways to swap busyness for productivity:

1. Prioritize!

Productive people have a mission, they won’t let the day run away with them when the inbox starts to ping. Having a clear goal for your day ahead normally starts the night before by setting goals for what needs to be done tomorrow. Productive people focus on 2-3 tasks that need to get done and they stick to this goal. Each day they are working towards their bigger goal by breaking down the big tasks into manageable, smaller chunks.

2. Get Laser Focused!

Productivity comes from being laser-focused on the goal, whether you have 20 minutes on your lunch break to work on your fledgling business ideas or 10 minutes to make a call to a contact to ask for advice or help on moving your goals forward. Focusing on the little pockets of time you have during the day to get things done on your priority list will get you to your goal even faster.

3. Eat the Frog!

Mark Twain once said ‘Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.’ Brian Tracy’s best selling productivity book ‘Eat the Frog’ highlights that getting the hardest thing on your list out of the way first thing ensures you’re productive by breakfast time! This is what will set you apart from the ‘busy’ people. Productive people deal with the hardest tasks first thing.

4. Be Clear On Your Goal And Stop Procrastinating!

When you have clarity around your goals, you are less likely to procrastinate and are more motivated to get the work done. Procrastinators (that includes the busy people!) usually don’t have a clear goal or mission in mind. They just do whatever demands their attention the most at that moment instead of stepping back and thinking carefully about the next move.

5. Get Strategic!

Having a strategy means planning your week in advance on a Sunday night and thinking about how the upcoming week will get you closer to your bigger goal. Braindump all the things you need to do on a sheet of paper, then prioritize them (1,2,3) and decide what days of the following week they need to get done. Taking 30 minutes out of your Sunday morning or evening could make all the difference between a productive week and a busy week ahead.

Organization is key to keep focused on your goals.

Lynsey Hanratty writing for Self Starter Magazine July 2018

It’s so much easier to move on to the little things once the daily to-do list is completed, you have eaten the frog and achieved in a day what most busy people spend all week trying to do. With these points in mind, what steps are you going to take tomorrow to become more productive and laser focused on your business plans?
What frogs are you going to eat, to realize your goals and ambitions?
If you’d like more tips on productivity and ways to be more strategic with your precious time while you start or build your business, email me at for my free
Plan For Productivity workbook.

Lynsey Hanratty writing for Self Starter Magazine July 2018

Lynsey Hanratty worked in the wellness arena as a neuromuscular and physical therapist for over 3 years before moving into coaching to fulfilling her own ambition of helping wellness businesses realize their potential and use their gifts and talents to have their own successful businesses. She does this by way of one to one business coaching as well as speaking at various events.

If you would like to avail of Lynsey’s 30 minute complimentary Profit Roadmap session to work on retaining and attracting clients and build your wellness business, you can contact her at or call her on 086 3569689.

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