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Interview With Dublin Designer Debbie Millington

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"Be A Girl With A Mind, A Woman With Attitude & A Lady With Class"


Dublin fashion designer Debbie Millington tells her fascinating life story and path to success to Self Starter Magazine. November issue 2018 #selfstartermagazine #debbiemillington #fashion #irishfashion #thinktellteach #entrepreneurs

The strength to do anything lies within.

Well used to depend on herself, overcome whatever may unsettle her and pave her own path, Dublin designer Debbie Millington is a pure joy to speak to.
Her energy and love for life are truly apparent and seldom have I come across a person that possesses such a natural sense of leadership as Debbie does.

Her love for creativity and productivity is so strong, that even a collapsed lung wouldn`t deter her from pursuing a dream of becoming an independent designer.

Smiling at the summer sun, a young Debbie Millington with a degree in fashion design and textiles in her hand was immediately after her graduation hired as a stylist by the renowned Irish emporium,
"Brown Thomas" in Grafton Street.

This was an exciting development and a job which taught her so very much about the world of fashion, the ins and outs of retail and invaluable experience of working under tight deadlines, thinking on your feet and problem solving, which all would prove themselves to become the stepping stones for her future career.

Dublin fashion designer Debbie Millington tells her fascinating life story and path to success to Self Starter Magazine. November issue 2018 #selfstartermagazine #debbiemillington #fashion #irishfashion #thinktellteach #entrepreneurs

"I take inspiration from my travels, places, people and things that have made an impact on my life"

Having set her mark in the world of fashion by creating a collection for "Airwave", Debbie took a leap across the pond and worked for the totally fearless company "The New Renaissance", where she, equipped with a glue gun, rather than sewing needles, as she was used to, developed outlandish costumes and creations for film, TV, music videos and events with her team. It was a time of incredible creativity, she recollects.

After a few years, the forever curious Debbie moved on and set her sails for the shores of Australia. In the impressive Sydney Opera House, she found employment in the costume department of various shows and through this, came in contact with a man who so just happened to be working on a new film-project, called Moulin Rouge and it was a match made in heaven.
The joy of working with stunning costumes and film sets, creating beauty has excited and captivated Debbie for the last 17 years and working on making magic in film, theater and TV, is something she still enjoys. And, to add to her list of accomplishments, she toured with Riverdance in Asia, worked on the Start Wars movies, The annual St Patrick`s Parade in Dublin and even the Carnival in Rio De Janeiro!


Dublin fashion designer Debbie Millington tells her fascinating life story and path to success to Self Starter Magazine. November issue 2018 #selfstartermagazine #debbiemillington #fashion #irishfashion #thinktellteach #entrepreneurs

Due to the arrival of her beloved daughter Thea a few years ago and the fact that she experienced some quite complicated medical procedures due to a collapsed lung, Debbie simply had to take some time out to nurture both herself and her little new companion.

Approximately two years ago, after having recovered well enough, she rediscovered all her photographs of wondrous places she had visited. She taught herself how to master Photoshop and decided to go on yet another adventure; to have her designs printed on the very best of silk in a sustainable and honest fashion. Her UK producers print digitally, a process which uses a lot less water and energy than regular types of printing. She also uses only non-toxic ink and all her packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable plus, the ink used is made from plant extract.
The decision to go the route of creating a more "safer" fashion, came easy to Debbie, as she through her worldwide traveling witnessed first hand the impact that pollution and global recklessness has on our environment.
Although it`s sometimes tough to be a one-man-band, this girl is not one for sitting down and complain. If she wants to get something done, she simply gets it done and that`s that.
I can`t wait to see what the future holds for Debbie Millington./Kajsa

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