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Aisling Power Of Devil`s Edge Shirt Company Is A Breath Of Fresh

& Confident Air. By Kajsa Kinsella

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In a world of fast consumerism, standing out and being unique is key"

Aisling and Steven Power of Devils Edge Shirts for Self Starter Magazine March 2018

Sometimes I wonder about all the amazing business ideas which have popped into someone's head like a flash, only to be forgotten within milliseconds never ever to be heard or thought of again... Unless you are able to stop what you`re doing and put pen to paper at that very moment, the genius intention will most likely be gone as quickly as it appeared. Thank goodness, this was not the case for Aisling Power, as her strong business acumen forced her to listen to her intuition one day whilst ironing a shirt belonging to her husband which they had bought during a holiday in Bangkok, a good few years previously.

As she turned the garment over and back; studied the fabric; the cut, and the quality, she was suddenly hit by the fact that although this piece of clothing must have been worn and washed most likely a hundred times, it looked just as good as when it was initially bought and it was in this moment the light bulb was switched on for Aisling...
She could see it in front of her; she was to create a bespoke, made to measure suit and shirt company to tailor to the fashion conscious male who was looking for something different to wear, something he could have an influence over.

There is a great comfort in calm and content confidence, and this, Aisling has in abundance.
She, as a woman, wife, mother knew that her path was not to be stuck in an office Monday to Friday 9-5 and live a pre-destined life, no, she was determined to create her own path of work-one which suited both her at the time two young sons and her husband who was himself self-employed, running a marketing company but it also had to satisfy her need for being creative.
Whatever type of business she decided to embark on, it had to fit harmoniously with the family.
Aisling grew up in an active business family as her father developed and sold women`s rain gear to many UK outlets. She quickly learned all there is to know about how to be business savvy, and once the excitement of working for daddy had run its course, she moved on and embarked on a career in publishing.
As one thing leads to another, she eventually met the man she was destined to have and to hold, Stephen, and two lovely sons quickly followed.
As the boys were still small, the pair decided to move back to Ireland and set up a home there and Aisling was content nursing the children, but in 2013, as they had grown to self-sufficient size, she felt that it was time to go back to work and this is when the idea of Devils Edge Shirt Company started to take shape. At first, she developed the foundations on her own but it didn`t take long for Stephen to see the potential in her idea of creating a unique type of tailoring business and he came on board as a full-time partner. Many hours of tweaking the business followed.

Interview with Devils Edge Shirt company for Self Starter Magazine March 2018

"The devil is truly in the detail, and it concerns all aspects of your business."

On the eve of their successful launch in 2016, Aisling was truly convinced that the business was both needed, wanted and sustainable, and now things started to happen very fast, due to the fact that Stephen happened to hear an advert for the Irish Dragon`s Den on the radio...
-"Not a hope in hell!" said Aisling, still uncertain about wanting to push it to the next level just yet, and laying her business bare for all the world to see, but her husband convinced her otherwise fairly quickly, and together, they began the application process and submitted their material, trying not to hope for too much.

I don`t think I need to tell you Aislings surprise, a few days later, as she is standing at the stove, up to her elbows in today`s dinner which happened to be chili con carne, the phone rings and it`s a researcher from the show. Natural and unfaced as Aisling is, she had a lovely chat with the caller about this, that and the other, including the business, and as the conversation was finished off with a "this was actually the second part of the process" comment from the producer, Aisling was feeling weak at the knees!
A few anxious days later, a second phone call is received, and the Powers were asked to come in and meet with the production team, bringing samples, packaging and other materials with them. It was declared then that Devils Edge Shirt Company was indeed selected to appear on Dragons` Den only a few months later. At this point, the nerves and excitement truly hit, but Aisling was determined not to let this opportunity pass her by.

Devils Edge Shirts Logo for Self Starter Magazine March 2018

Let me tell you, watching the episode of their appearance on the show is nearly as nerve-wracking as I can imagine it must have been for them. A full 90-minute interview at 7.30 in the morning was followed by a celebratory lunch as, after disaster struck and four out of five dragons bowed out, their "Dapper Dragon" Eamonn Quinn extended an offer they couldn`t refuse. Aaaaand, the rest is history as they say.
One year later, Aisling and Stephen now have multiple franchises in Ireland and the UK, and their spoilt rotten customers can choose from over 1200 types of fabrics, plus any collar or cuff can be replicated, to best suit the end result and purpose of the shirt. The ultimate goal for Devils Edge Shirt Company is that the one who wears the garment feels confident and personally cared for from collar to cuff.

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