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Having a clear head when your surroundings are messy, is not easy.

By Sarah Reynolds.

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"For Every Minute Spent Organizing, An Hour Is Earned."

Professional organiser and author Sarah Reynolds tells her compelling story of success in #Ireland

"I had my "ah-ha" moment,

whilst watching Oprah with my mum."

My journey started out when I was little I suppose. I’ve always enjoyed tidying. I don’t have any transformation story to tell. Organising was just something I liked - I liked to tidy my schoolbag or bedroom.

When I was sixteen, my mother and I were watching the Oprah show and Julie Morgenstern came on. She is a Professional Organiser and she was talking about her new book and her business. It was my own “ah-ha” moment as here was someone who also loved tidying and she was talking to Oprah about it! From then on, I kept it in the back of my mind to explore that possible business but I went off to university and got a ‘proper job’ first.
I started with my first client in 2011 when I was still working full time. I continued to work full time with Organised Chaos as my side hustle for the next three years. I was the first person to work as a Professional Organiser in this country and essentially introduced a new industry into Ireland. I finally bit the bullet and left my permanent and pensionable job when I was in my early thirties and went full time with Organised Chaos.
For those who don’t know, Professional Organising started in Los Angeles in 1984 and is defined by Wikipedia as a service helping “individuals and businesses design organizing systems and processes to improve quality of life, personal productivity, and greater efficiency”.
We work with home clients and from small businesses to large corporations. We look at any aspect that might help you feel more organised from your wardrobe, utility room, time management, family routines, to workplace wellbeing, health and safety and office relocation moves. To name but a few ways of getting organised works as a service.
Thankfully, Professional Organising seems to be seeing an increased interest from homeowners over the last few years in this country. Large corporations and businesses are starting to see its’ importance from the point of view of staff wellbeing, however, this is still on a small scale. Explaining how actual organising sessions focussing on the space and stuff within the corridors and on the desks of companies benefits productivity, bottom line and first impressions is still a work in progress and the main challenge currently for Organised Chaos.

Professional organiser Sarah Reynold`s book "Organised"

Helping spread the word of this service was the publication in 2018 of my first book with

Gill Publishers ‘Organised - Simple Tips to Declutter your House, your Schedule and your Mind’. This was always a dream of mine and it was fantastic to achieve it and see it in the shops. Hopefully, the organising industry and my business will continue to grow and gain the recognition it deserves over the coming years. I really do believe that with the increased level of stress in society and perceived lack of time, getting organised can really help you. Organising plays a very important role in our wellbeing - personally, at home and in business.

Running my own business has without a doubt been so much harder than I ever thought it would. The amount of self-motivation you have to find within yourself and the uncertainty you have to deal with have been huge learnings for me.
Running a business takes on a life of its’ own. It is love that keeps it going, there are ups, and there are downs, relationships come and go with it, finances are challenged, you lose faith and then it brings you such joy.
Life teaches you many lessons and if you’re an entrepreneur, you learn those lessons twice if that makes sense!

Author and professional organiser Sarah Reynolds tells her story. Self Starter Magazine July 2018

I still don’t know if or how it’ll all unfold.

I have many dreams for the business and a gut instinct that I can’t explain, but from somewhere deep inside me, it tells me to keep going.

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