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Find Inspiration In The Personal Story Of Branding Expert Aisling Griffin

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If you don`t give the market the story of your brand, they will write it for you, and that can go very wrong...


Branding expert Aisling Griffin of Treetop Studio is telling her inspirational personal story for Self Starter Magazine November 2018. #selfstartermagazine

Hi there, I’m Aisling, founder of Treetop Studio.

When I was asked to write an article for Self Starter magazine, I wondered where to
start, how to start…sometimes we just need to start! The sentiments of that sentence remind me of my
journey into self-employment. When should I make that jump, when is the right time, from my experience, there never really is going to be a right time. For me, I was in a job that brought me no joy, yes I was
working within the graphic design & branding sector but this was not my interpretation of a creative, fulfilling role. I felt I had nothing to lose, if it didn’t work out, I could just go back to working for someone else again.
But here’s the thing, it did work out and here I am six years later, still in business and growing
Treetop Studio all the time.

I’m happy that I took that leap of faith because I have met & worked with so many interesting people,
created work that I am truly proud of and grown from being pushed out of my comfort zone. Don’t get me
wrong there has been up’s and downs. In particular, I found getting back into work after having my baby
boy last year very challenging. Thoughts of holding down an extremely energetic baby while changing his
nappy spring to mind, I remember thinking “how am I supposed to create a brand identity for a client when
I feel this exhausted and it’s only five in the morning”. But I did and I showed up, even when all I wanted to do was crawl back into bed.

But there has been more up’s than there has been down’s. And that’s why I’m still doing what I love. This
journey has made me grow, but my business has grown with me and I mean that more in the sense of
clarity and focus in terms of where I fit in and who my clients are. This is a big part of what branding is
about, knowing where you slot in, how to position yourself and knowing your customer. This is like the
groundwork for your brand. I thought everyone was my customer initially, but because I tried to appeal to
everyone, I didn’t connect with whom I wanted to really work with. I was afraid, if I didn’t do everything, then I would lose customers. But the opposite happened because I was more clear in my messaging and visuals, I attracted customers that I really wanted to work with.

Branding expert Aisling Griffin of Treetop Studio is telling her inspirational personal story for Self Starter Magazine November 2018. #selfstartermagazine

I have found that clients think they want to say everything when really a strong brand should have one
main message behind it. We tend to over complicate things, trying to fit everything in, being everything
to everybody, when really, simple is best and most effective. The way I work with my clients I just let them talk, I listen and ask questions that prompt them to really get into what they stand for. I call this my discovery session because so much is uncovered here and a lot of the time clients are realizing things about their business for the first time.

I really love this part of the process because I learn so much about them and I will notice different themes popping up, that I can draw on later when researching and sketching concepts.
A recent client testimonial from Mona of Newtons Ladder really brought home the power of what I do for
my clients.
“Before working with Aisling, we lacked an identity for our business. We didn’t have anything
that pulled our work ethos and values together. We now have a new found confidence with a brand that
matches our experience and professionalism. Working with Aisling has helped us understand who we
are, what we are about and most importantly our ethos and how our clients see us. The brand identity
represents us, with our story and meaning behind it. Aisling provided the whole package, it’s more than
just a logo, it’s our everything. The process was so in-depth, informative and enjoyable. Aisling’s work has
clarity, depth and absolute consideration for whom she is creating for. She took the time to get to know us, she got us and nailed the brief, in fact, she surpassed our expectations”.

Find Aisling here:

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