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By the founder of Holos, Niamh Hogan

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If the dream won`t let you go, then don`t make it go!

Irish skincare specialist and founder of Holos Niamh Hogan tells her story of success.

Hi, I’m Niamh,a Holistic Therapist, before that I was in restaurant management, neither of which I knew much about but I was interested so I learned along the way. I didn’t know much about the beauty industry either but here I am, a creator of beauty products and CEO of Holos Skincare. My point is that I am an Entrepreneur, I find things that interest me. I learn how to do them, enough to get me started and the rest I learn along the way. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a chancer. My experience in management taught me how to budget, plan, do accounts and lead people. My work as a Holistic Therapist introduced me to natural health and the ingredients I build my products around. Every experience enriched my life and lead me to where I am today. To become an expert in my field, I studied, I watched, I listened, I learned. I also just jumped in with two feet, believing I would land on solid ground. You see that’s what business is all about. You take your experience and mash it with a ‘Just do it’-attitude. When you do that, you wouldn’t believe the things that can happen.

"Every step, I feel like I don’t know what I am doing. Every step is outside my comfort zone. "​

Female entrepreneur Niamh Hogan tells her story of building her skincare business Holos.

I began making product in my kitchen in 2012. I launched Holos Skincare in January 2014 after securing funding from Wexford LEO. Nervously I began making cold calls to shops to introduce Holos winning 5 stockists in my first week. I felt I could do anything. After 9 months I won my first business award and had my first TV appearance in the same month. I felt I was living someone else’s life. In year 2 Holos began winning product awards. Any we entered we won something in. We got more attention from the media and awareness began to grow with appearances on TV and in print. Bit by bit Holos was getting out there. In 2016, Holos needed an injection of cash so I applied for the Female Competitive Start fund of €50,000 from Enterprise Ireland and was successful on my first attempt which I had been told was almost impossible. That same month I pitched in RTE’s Dragons Den where I secured further funding of €50,000. Holos is now in another round of investment to grow and expand internationally. Every step of the way has scared me. Every step, I feel like I don’t know what I am doing. Every step is outside my comfort zone. Every step instills in me a stomach churning surge of excitement that propels me forward, forward to the next scary thing. It’s like a high that has you in it’s grip and you have given it full control. If you feel terrified, if it all seems too big, if it feels out of control, my guess is you are doing it right!

Never ever, ever,
let fear stop you.​

1. Look after your health and well being - eat well, exercise, do things that make you happy outside of the business.

2. Stop saying “I don’t have time” You are the boss, so you call the shots. If you want to be successful manage your time. If you constantly tell yourself you don’t have time, you’ll focus on that instead of getting the job done.
3. Allow yourself to be overwhelmed. If you’re not overwhelmed at times, if you don’t feel like you are sometimes out of your depth, you’re not pushing yourself to your full potential.
4. Never ever ever let fear stop you. If you are faced with something that is outside your comfort zone but may help grow your business, you only have 1 choice. Do it!
5. Have rules and keep them. Rules around how late you work, rules around social media, whatever your rules, make them and keep them. You’re the boss.
6. Know where you want to be but plan your stops along the way. Every stop should be a goal that needs to be overcome to get to the next part of the journey. At every stop, you learn, you grow and you are better prepared for the next part of your journey.
7. Never ever assume you know it all. Refusing to take advice and never listening to others is a recipe for disaster. Having mentors and people who have walked your path to turn to for help and support is crucial to your success.
8. Know your flaws and you weaknesses. If you lack ability or desire in an area that is necessary to your business, hire someone who can do it. If you can’t hire, you need to suck it up, learn, and do it yourself.

Irish skincare Niamh Hogan of Holos and her Dragon`s Den mentor Eleanor McEvoy
Holos skincare, Irish luxury

Simplicity, Functionality, Fun

Holos Skincare is award-winning luxurious plant-based aromatherapy skincare to maintain skin health and help prevent the signs of premature ageing. Holos encourages people to treat their skin like they do their body. We feed the body good food to keep it healthy and prevent illness. Would you wait until you’re 40 to eat vegetables? No! So why would you wait until you’re 40 to start putting healthy ingredients on your skin? Holos moto is ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Feed the skin to PREVENT the signs of aging.

Holos is handmade in Co. Wexford using natural and organic ingredients. Products are holistic and ethically produced without animal testing or using animal ingredients.

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