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An Interview With Donna Kennedy

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"I Learned To Never Ever Underestimate
The Power Within!"


Multiple entrepreneur, bestselling author and Women`s Empowerment Summit Founder Donna Kennedy  in Self Starter Magazine

It`s not often that you come across true powerhouses like Donna Kennedy; she is a three times bestselling author, multiple entrepreneur, international speaker and mentor, and founder of the very popular event, the Women`s Empowerment Summit (WE Summit).

Donna is the only Irish woman to have shared the stage collectively with international leaders in personal and business development such as Bob Proctor (The Secret), Brian Tracy (Eat that Frog), the authors of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Sharon Lechter (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) to name but a few, and her worked has been used by leading organizations to train staff and market product. As such she knows how to spot the very best people to deliver relevant life changing information to attendees at her events.

The Women’s Empowerment Summit is a gathering of like-minded women with a common goal, to become the best versions of ourselves in life and/or business. The event is open to ALL women, not just business women, and is supported by leading experts in various fields of goal achievement, people who have proven results, allowing every attendee to feel confident in the knowledge that they are learning from the best and will be empowered as a result. Speakers at events have been diverse (after all everyone has unique goals) and it is important to have a broad range of speakers to teach you the various skills needed for life and business success, everyone from humanitarians such as Christina Noble (movie NOBLE), to leading sports people such as World Cup rugby legend Joy Neville.

As we chat about life, children, work, business hopes and dreams, I get a distinct impression that Donna is a woman of her word. If she says she is going to do it, it will be done, no matter what she has to learn or achieve to reach the goals she has set for herself.

Multiple entrepreneur, bestselling author and Women`s Empowerment Summit Founder Donna Kennedy  in Self Starter Magazine


As women, mothers and wives, we often tend to take a step "to the side" and wait for everybody else`s lives to happen, before we take care of our own. It`s a natural trait and it`s something which often happens, without us even noticing. This is where Donna comes in, to awaken the fire within, to help you see the potential in your life, in your person.
With drive and fire, Donna manages, with her partner Pat Slattery and young son Ashton by her side, to get the best of both worlds, merging business and family life, letting neither suffer from lack of attention.

Donna has faced several challenges in her life that to many might seem insurmountable. Having been raped at 7 years old, she then battled with anorexia nervosa as a teenager and later developed epilepsy resulting from a car accident, yet despite all that, she empowered herself and became successful. She is real, and she is not one to sit idle by and let you slip through her fingers, if she feels you are in need of a helping hand, a kind word and a shoulder to lean on. We are all in this life together and we should support each other, it`s as simple as that.
Donna found strength within herself and her family and created a path out of misery, and in her early 20.s, began seeing the light of life again and was adamant, she was not going to let it extinguish.
There is a certain type of inner flame, a special kind of determination within people who have overcome the worst of times, that simply cannot be found in those who have been lucky enough to have had a smoother ride in life.
It is the primal instinct of survival that shines through and in Donna, this is very evident.The fact that our past is not what defines us, but how we react to it, is what gives us the power to push ourselves and our vision of female empowerment further and further each and every day. Through her work in media, as a motivational speaker and through her books, Donna is dedicated to spotting the very person who is in need of a confidence boost; the one who is struggling, uncertain of themselves and the one who is hesitant to take the step towards living the life they were meant to.

Multiple entrepreneur, bestselling author and Women`s Empowerment Summit Founder Donna Kennedy  in Self Starter Magazine

Her creation, the Women`s Empowerment Summit is an annual event which is very well established, and it`s popularity and attendance-numbers doubles at each event. Donna
This year, on the 20th of October in Citywest, Dublin, we will enjoy international stars like Maia Dunphy-female spokes-person, writer and broadcaster; Niamh Kavanagh-Eurovision Song Contest winner twice over and female empowerment advocate; Derval O`Rourke-one of Ireland`s most successful track & field experts, and the ultimate sports star; Orlaith Carmody-established business coach and twice bestselling author; Gloriane Giovanelli, celebrated health & wellness consultant & international speaker and last but not least, Vera Twomey, a woman, who`s fight for the wellness of her daughter took her, by foot, from Cork to Dáil Éireann.
It will be a day to remember, a day which will transform both you and your business.
We here at Self Starter cannot wait to meet you all there!

Multiple entrepreneur, bestselling author and Women`s Empowerment Summit Founder Donna Kennedy  in Self Starter Magazine


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