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Let`s Figure Out What We Really And Truly Want From Our Lives.

By Kajsa Kinsella

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"The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven`t found it yet, keep looking, don`t settle."- Steve Jobs

I have a feeling that I`m far from the only one here who has started lots of different businesses (thankfully most of them only in my head) and many of them leading to nothing. The pure excitement of planning, dreaming, figuring out, working towards and actually putting the necessary steps into place to start a new business is intoxicating and incomparable to anything else I have ever felt.

It is all consuming and SO exhilarating....and costly and time-consuming, embarrassing and disappointing when you change your mind or it fails...

If I had had the courage to truly sit down and figure out who I am and what I`m most suited for, I would have saved myself a lot of blood, sweat and tears - and money too!

Today, we`ll find out which path is the best suited to us.
Which type of business fits our personality, our location and our bank accounts and hopefully this exercise will set you on a more direct path than the one I had to endure.

"To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are."​

*Make a list of your natural abilities*

This can be absolutely anything-great at washing the car, can make people feel at ease, can bake a damn good apple tart or can tell 20 jokes in a minute. Whatever it is, write it down even though it might not seem "career" related just yet.

*Make a list of your natural interests*

Concentrate and find out what your true, instinctive interests are,

the things or events you are drawn to.
Whom do you follow on Social Media and why, what do you read, are you drawn to technical things, to psychology, to spiritual or maybe to musical. All the things you put down, however small, are part of the bigger picture.

*Merge the previous two*

To create a business or career, you need to have four things
present at all times: dedication, drive, interest, and ability and
if you are lacking in any of those, it`s quite likely that your next business idea the way you would like to. Build it on what you
now know: What you want to do, how well you can do it and
how to create a business out of the two.

*Be happy with you*

It`s truly and wholeheartedly not worth it, living your life as someone you do not wish to be, doing things you don`t wish to do. It really is not worth it in the long run. Figure out who you
truly are, honour the instincts of that person and create a path
towards living and working as a happy, creative, productive and
successful business owner.

"Be brave, Be Silly, Be Adventurous, Be Kind,Be Free,

Be Your Own Magic"

When things are tough, remind yourself of this:

When you are old and finished with all this wonderous business-ing, what do you wish to feel when you think back on your life. It is better to be honest with yourself now, than pushing through a long life of hard work and unsatisfied emotions. Although it has been said so many times before, you do know that you only have one life and YOU are the one living it, make sure it serves you well...

Living a life that suits you and your personality. Confident and excited about every new day, that is where you should be headed. Only if you take the time to get to know yourself will you succeed and the more honest you are with yourself, the quicker you will get there.

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