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Listen To Yourself, You Might Learn Something...

By Lynsey Hanratty

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"The World Is Giving You The Answers To Your Questions Each And Every Day-Learn To Listen."


What to do when it doesn`t feel right. Lynsey Hanratty for Self Starter Magazine

The rewards of running your own business venture are huge, freedom to pursue what you want to do, and marching to the beat of your own drum. However, there are times when self-doubt and second-guessing your abilities will kick in, and you need to plan for those days (or weeks!).
In the beginning, you are likely trying to balance a full-time job, develop business ideas, manage your daily life and make connections that will help you with your business, and the workload can seem relentless. It won’t be like this forever, just remember that. And when it gets too much and you feel overwhelmed, step back and treat it like an experiment. No one is asking you to leave the security of your job tomorrow, you are just exploring other avenues that could provide that sense of freedom and adventure that you crave. Take the time to do your homework and really explore the business avenues you are interested in, believe me, it is really worthwhile!

If you are part of the traditional working world, you know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach every Sunday evening around 9 pm. You’re getting organized for the week ahead, and then it hits you, that impending Monday feeling. Another week of living this working life. You know that restlessness has been nagging at you for a while now, that desire to do something different, away from the annoying colleagues, relentless admin work and dealing with incompetence in the workplace. You yearn for something more. You try to think of the alternatives, but nothing comes to mind.
Then the little voice echoes in your ear ‘Who are you to start your own business?’, and you feel deflated again.

How do you figure out if starting your own business is right for you?

What is it about the working week that just doesn’t feel right to you?

What if being an entrepreneur won’t suit you either?

What to do when it doesn`t feel right. Lynsey Hanratty for Self Starter Magazine

So, how can you figure it out?


Look inward. The best way to start to figure out if a business startup is right for you is to look at your core values. What are the things that mean something to you in your working life?

If you value things like freedom, variety, challenge, independence, autonomy and courage, chances are you can make it in the entrepreneurial world. However, if you value stability, security, routine and a regular salary, chances are that a freelance or self-employed world is too unpredictable or risky for you. Start with your work values in mind to get a sense of what the ideal working day means to you.


Start with Why. When you look at why you want to start a business, really hone in on why this would be so important to you. What would starting a business bring to your life?

Fulfill a life-long ambition? Use your strengths and talents to your best ability? Use your time and energy on something worthwhile and important to you? Once you have identified your ‘Why?’ it makes starting your business more real and authentic to you, and you are more likely to commit to the action plan of getting it started.


Strengths. Looking at your strengths and talents can really help with the process of figuring it all out. Knowing what you are good at in terms of getting a business off the ground is vital to its success. Perhaps you are the ‘front of house’ kind of business owner, where you have a personal brand and are the face of the business. Or are you the one who works behind the scenes and keeps all the plates spinning? It’s also important to know what areas you might need help with too, be it the website, the finances or the promotion and marketing. A business owner works best in their ‘spots of genius’, everything else should be delegated!


Explore. You may have lots of ideas to start with, and find it hard to whittle it down to one, but the best part of this quandary is that you can try each idea out for a month or two to see if it resonates with you. You might find that your love of fashion doesn’t translate to you wanting to write blogs about it all the time or build a following, or that an interest in cookery and nutrition means you want it to be a full time business venture. A little bit of exploration will help you focus on the business ideas that resonate the most.


Play it out. The great thing about starting small when you are starting out is you still have the cushion of your day job, and you’re not going to risk losing that until you know your side business idea is a runner (you’d be mad to do that, right?!). But at the weekends or in the evenings you can try out your business idea with friends and family, and then approach your ideal client base with your product or service. For example, your friends and family love your cakes and buns, but will they sell at a local farmer’s market at the weekend? Try it out and see! Or you love to create websites for friends, but what about getting that first paying customer to really give you a feel for doing the work full time? Playing it out gives you a chance to put yourself in a real-life business situation to see if this idea will really work for you, and if it is something you want to do long term. Keeping it small scale to start with means you are not risking anything but your time and expertise, so feel free to experiment.


Commit. Now is the time to take action and start committing to the process. Planning 3 months ahead at a time will help you take the baby steps you need and avoid creating feelings of overwhelm and stress. While it’s good to have the bigger picture goals in mind, the day to day stuff needs to get done with a fulltime job in mind and other responsibilities. You need to commit to the ? that it will not all land in your lap overnight. You need to plan it out, be strategic, make connections, and make the action plan work for you within the small pockets of time you have to do it.

What to do when it doesn`t feel right. Lynsey Hanratty for Self Starter Magazine

I believe that you only get one chance of life, and it’s way too short to spend it not doing something you love. After 13 years of scientific research it was clear to me that it wasn’t cells and molecules I loved to work with, but people. I moved into coaching in both education and recruitment and has been helping people realize their potential ever since.
Now I have started to fulfill my ambition to help others use their gifts and talents to start their own successful businesses, I do this by way of one to one coaching and speaking to groups.
If you would like to avail of a 30-minute complimentary call to explore your business ideas and help you create a plan of action, you can contact me at or call on 086 3569689.

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