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Capture Your One-Of-A-Kind Energy & Personality. By Éadaoin Curtin

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"The most powerful things in this world cannot be seen, they have to be felt."


Professional branding photographer writes for Self Starter Magazine

Does your visual brand make an instant impact?

That photo that you see of me, the one I use on every single social media profile, every article I write, my website, my banner – that’s the photo I’ve been using for almost three years to promote my business.
People recognize me by it, or they use to (apparently business or aging, hasn’t been good for my eyes or my greys!) But I realized something recently – I’m not walking my walk. Or maybe it wasn’t time for me to walk my walk just yet. But that photo, as well as it’s served me, is soon to go into retirement. You see, I’ve hired a photographer. I’ve gone through the process; I’ve had the conversations; I’ve hired an incredible photographer who I can’t wait to work with. We’re totally aligned, we feel so similarly about our work and although I know her work will fit really well with my own, she has a very distinctive visual voice that I’m excited to collaborate with.

Professional branding photographer writes for Self Starter Magazine

But, this is bringing up all sorts of everything. Now I really know how my clients feel! Now I know what they go through in the weeks coming up to their shoot. Now I know that mix of panic and excitement that comes with knowing that you’re about to take your brand, and business, to the next level!
Is my brand fully formed? Do I look ok? Where did all these extra pounds come from? Do I look professional enough? Will people judge me?
What will happen when I open myself up to more interaction, more eye contact, with my potential clients?

I can rationalize every single one of those fears, of course, my brand is not fully formed, it’s the beautiful process of evolution that I’m so proud of (and as I look back at work I’ve done in previous years on my brand, I can see that my core values have never changed, despite the changes my business and service have gone through)

Do I look ok? Ok for whom?
That is a question I have to figure out all on my own.

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