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By Lynsey Hanratty

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The Greater The Hardship, The More Glory In Overcoming It!

Business coach Lynsey Hanratty teaches us how to overcome down times in business. For Self Starter Magazine #selfstartermagazine #lynseyhanratty #thinktellteach #entrepreneurs

What to do when
things don`t go as they should...

You might think you can tackle all the ups and downs that entrepreneurship has to offer, but there will be times that something personal will impact your business; a family emergency, a bereavement, an illness or suffering a setback from an opportunity that you’d hoped would take your business to the next level.

It can be hard to keep motivated in your professional
life when your personal life takes a hit and a situation brings you back to earth with a bang when all had been going so well up to that point.
As an entrepreneur, you have an internal drive, a can-do attitude, and are most likely a self-starter who gets things done in your business every day. You’ll have a great support group around you and will be working towards that business goal with great gusto until…..

When this happens, it can feel like every day’s just about getting by, just about putting one foot in front of the other. You feel like a failure, that you’ve done something wrong, or that you expected it to all go wrong. They say ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ but it’s those ‘rock bottom’ moments when all the hard work feels like it was for nothing, when something life-changing happens for the worst, when you lose a loved one or a dear friend - these are the times that show you what you want to make important in your life, that help you reassess and recalibrate and help build you back up again. Rock bottom moments are those where things can only get better, but you’ll obviously need some time to heal and restructure your plans going forward. Having an overall plan and strategy is what will help you get back on track from a setback in your business.

Business coach Lynsey Hanratty teaches us how to overcome down times in business. For Self Starter Magazine #selfstartermagazine #lynseyhanratty #thinktellteach #entrepreneurs

“Keep Listening,
Keep Learning,
Keep Developing”​

Remember, that feeling won’t last forever, you need to learn from the experience of a setback or loss.
When you lose something or someone, there’s always a lesson learned. These experiences are necessary in business and in life because if you don't experience a situation that brings you to your lowest point, then you’ll never take the chances needed to create the life you want because you’ll always play it safe.
You’ll never take the risks that will bring you to where you should be, and to push for what you really want.
Going through the motions is a waste of energy and of the opportunities and chances that you can create every brand-new day.

There is no such thing as failure, just learning from mistakes and setbacks. Everything happens for a reason, embrace it and take stock in it – it may not become clear any time soon, but it will as time goes by. Sometimes the No’s you get in business or in life will bring you to the Yes that builds your business and life for the better.
Once you announce your plans to the universe to make changes in your life, it will test and challenge you one way or another, and they can be big tests and challenges, but you will be stronger because of it.
This is because you’ll make stronger connections, have a stronger business, and have stronger
relationships – because you’ll learn from those low points.

Look at the person you have become, keep learning and make your needs and wants a priority
stick to your plan. Take time out to learn from the experiences, to grieve, to take stock.
The setbacks will take their toll at the time, but in time, they will help you reassess what’s important in your life and teach you how to be stronger and more resilient.​

Lynsey Hanratty worked in the wellness arena as a neuromuscular and physical therapist for over 4 years before moving into coaching to fulfill her ambition of helping wellness practitioners realize their potential, create more profit, and have the business and life that
they want. She does this by way of one to one business coaching

as well as speaking at various events.
If you would like to avail of Lynsey’s 30 minute complimentary Profit Road Map Session to
explore what you want to achieve and create
in your wellness business, you can contact her at or call her on

086 3569689.

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